the basics

The more your spend, the more you save. You pick the wines. No mystery shipments. No billing cycles.

Spend $300+ for the year and SAVE 15%.

Spend $600+ for the year and SAVE 25%.

No sign-up needed, start spending and start saving.

built for you

A Better "Club"

After 15 years of wine club administration, a few things have become apparent to me; you join wine clubs to get better prices and you dislike how some wine clubs treat you. On the good side, you like being able to get small production exceptional wines and attend events at the winery, but you aren't crazy about the wine choices that are chosen for you.

Why can't you have the good without the not so good? Well, now you can...

Our "club" is more about loyalty than club. Our mantra of "its only wine" expresses many things about us, our pricing and general dislike of the pretentiousness around wine.

Our loyalty "club" allows you to buy what you want, when you want, and you will receive pricing that rewards you for your loyalty.

- Rob

spend more & save more

The Details

We have a great many new wines in cellar and to be released, that it makes no sense for me to determine what you should like. Our Loyalty program is as simple as we can make it, with a few caveats.

Spend a cumulative $300 on non-sale wines over one or more visits and get 15% OFF.

Spend $600 AND GET 25% off.

Discounted winery specials do not count in that calculation nor are they further discounted due to their already deep discounts.

Our Point of Sale system will keep track of your in-shop and internet sales and provide you with discounts and inform you of winery events and specials pricing of a great wine.

It's exceptional but...

It's Just Wine

True varietal wines can be a challenge to produce year in and year out, but having no monumental buildings or egos to justify irrational prices, we assert that wine's role is to compliment and sometimes save the meal, but never be an obstacle to enjoying a meal due to unnecessary pretense that it is anything more than a beverage that can change your outlook on life.

We appreciate those that choose to make our product a part of the extraordinarily average and exceedingly special days of their lives.