Special Upcoming Events at Il Gioiello Winery

At Il Gioiello winery we take pride in our ability to provide excellant wines at reasonable prices. We believe that great food and wine pairings are some of the most memorable experiences in our lives. Our wines age very well, and the majority of the reds are not released for at least 4 years past harvest.

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Rob Morse


Il Gioiello Winery

The Il Gioiello Estate is located above 2000 in elevation about Amador's Shenandoah Valley and Fiddletown appelations. Our property has two tasting facilities to take advantage of weather and event requirements. The estate is located on 22355 Lawrence Road between the towns of Fiddletown and Mt, Aukum only minutes from the Shenandoa Valley. 209-245-3395