Crossroad Vertical Case
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Crossroad Vertical Case

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4 X 2014 Crossroad

4 X 2015 Crossroad

4 X 2016 Crossroad

Crossroad is our first blending of each year, with this blend receiving the best barrels from over 20 vineyards and oak lots, producing a unique but consistent cuvee of what we believe best represents the the best of our region and vineyards.

The Flagship wine of the 2 Roads Wine Company, Crossroad was named after the two small and rutted crossroads that both Morse Wines and Rancho Victoria rest along.

The terroirs of these two properties, Il Gioiello at over 2000 foot elevation and Rancho Victoria under 1000 foot elevation, produce quite different flavors from the same varietal. The Sierra Foothills AVA and Amador County in particular have several varietals which are consistently given the highest praise in wine journals.

Our goal was to build a base of the best of these core varietals and blend in additional varietals which add complexity, texture, aromas and nuanced flavors that though consistent year to year in their composition, highlight that varietal which is stellar in that particular vintage.